Kendrick Ong

I'm not Jackie Chan's brother

About Me

I’m the person that most people only read about in fairy tales: the intrepid adventurer; the questing knight; the world traveller. I’ve never chosen the safe, conservative path. I’ve always forged my own way.

I am a unique individual. I don’t play stereotypes. When I lived in Beijing, a few of the locals told me that they knew I wasn’t from around town because I walked with far too much confidence. “You walk like a North American,” they told me. I took it as a compliment.

I’m an actor, which is to write that I am at my most creative when I am in front of a camera pretending to be someone else. I’m very physical. I have a strong on-screen presence. I’ve been Romeo in Romeo & Juliet. Yes, that is me in Snowpiercer. Hell, I even met Orlando Bloom while working on the set of Unlocked (I had a message for him from a long-forgotten acquaintance).

I’m Canadian. In the past 15 years, I’ve lived in three different countries. I have a keen interest in martial arts and I’m trained in advanced stage combat. I love learning new skills, which has led to the acquisition of a very eclectic skill-set, which includes building computer systems, falconry, firearms, and web design. Currently, I’m studying French.

If you’re looking for the next Kwai Chang Caine, then I suggest you move on.

Otherwise, I’m the next big thing.


Feature Films
2016 ``UNLOCKED``
Role: Molecular Biologist
Director: Michael Apted

Role: Soldier B
Director: Joon-ho Bong

Role: Leader of the Avars
Director: Constantin Werner

Short Films
2014 ``THE CHICKEN``
Role: John
Director: Guille Vázquez

2012 ``ATM``
Role: Ken
Director: Emilio Bellu

2009 ``KAREL``
Role: Jan
Director: Jesús Elorriaga

2014 ``CROSSING LINES`` ( ``The Homecoming``)
Role: SWAT Lead
Director: Michael Wenning
I have been cast in over 25 commercial productions, representing many international brands such as Coca-Cola, Panadol, Macy's, Kenmore, and Panasonic.
2012 ``MARAT/SADE``
Role: Monsieur Coulmier
Director: Melanie Rada

2010 ``MEN OF WIVES``
Role: George
Director: Logan Hillier

2009 ``ROMEO & JULIET``
Role: Romeo
Director: Guy Roberts

``Vox Forte Vocal Training``
Instructor: Anezka Novak

``Stage Combat``*
Instructors: Tim Klotz, Rachel Bowen Williams, Magnus Danks, Lewis Penfold

``On-Camera Master Class: Focus on Casting``
Instructor: Nancy Bishop

``Unlocking Shakespeare``
Instructor: Guy Roberts

``The Business of being a Stage Combatant``
Instructor: Lloyd Caldwell

``Firearms for Stage and Screen``
Instructor: Lloyd Caldwell

``The Re: Action System``
Instructor: Tony Wolf

``Pro-Wrestling Master Class``
Instructor: Tony Wolf

``Gun-Fu Master Class``
Instructor: Tony Wolf

``Motion Capture Master Class``
Instructor: Carrie Thiel

*Awarded Stage Combat Performance Certificate, Advanced (Gold with Recommendation)



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