Kendrick Ong

Breaking all the rules in the Superheroes codex

About Me

A physical actor with a strong on-screen presence, Kendrick has played a variety of memorable roles in both film and theatre productions, as well as represented dozens of international brands in televised advertisements.

Kendrick realized one of his lifelong dreams when he played the role of Romeo in a 2010 production of  Romeo and Juliet. In 2013, he was featured in the apocalyptic thriller Snowpiercer (directed by Joon-ho Bong). His next film appearance will be in the 2016 blockbuster Unlocked (directed by Michael Apted).

Driven by the need to discover a defining purpose in his life, Kendrick left his home country of Canada in the early 2000s to travel abroad. In the past 15 years, he has lived in Beijing, London, and Prague. He has a keen interest in martial arts and is a trained stage combatant (BADC). His love of learning has facilitated in the acquisition of a unique skill-set, which includes building computer systems, falconry, firearms, and web design. Currently, Kendrick is studying French.


Feature Films
2016 ``UNLOCKED``
Role: Molecular Biologist
Director: Michael Apted

Role: Soldier B
Director: Joon-ho Bong

Role: Leader of the Avars
Director: Constantin Werner

Short Films
2014 ``THE CHICKEN``
Role: John
Director: Guille Vázquez

2012 ``ATM``
Role: Ken
Director: Emilio Bellu

2009 ``KAREL``
Role: Jan
Director: Jesús Elorriaga

2014 ``CROSSING LINES`` ( ``The Homecoming``)
Role: SWAT Lead
Director: Michael Wenning
I have been cast in over 25 commercial productions, representing many international brands such as Coca-Cola, Panadol, Macy's, Kenmore, and Panasonic.
2012 ``MARAT/SADE``
Role: Monsieur Coulmier
Director: Melanie Rada

2010 ``MEN OF WIVES``
Role: George
Director: Logan Hillier

2009 ``ROMEO & JULIET``
Role: Romeo
Director: Guy Roberts

``Vox Forte Vocal Training``
Instructor: Anezka Novak

``Stage Combat``*
Instructors: Tim Klotz, Rachel Bowen Williams, Magnus Danks, Lewis Penfold

``On-Camera Master Class: Focus on Casting``
Instructor: Nancy Bishop

``Unlocking Shakespeare``
Instructor: Guy Roberts

``The Business of being a Stage Combatant``
Instructor: Lloyd Caldwell

``Firearms for Stage and Screen``
Instructor: Lloyd Caldwell

``The Re: Action System``
Instructor: Tony Wolf

``Pro-Wrestling Master Class``
Instructor: Tony Wolf

``Gun-Fu Master Class``
Instructor: Tony Wolf

``Motion Capture Master Class``
Instructor: Carrie Thiel

*Awarded Stage Combat Performance Certificate, Advanced (Gold with Recommendation)



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